Large Software Projects

Risking Life and Limb
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“I always wanted a small, concise guide of things to look out for and to avoid when doing my projects. This book fills that space. I look forward to the next in its series.”
Fawzia Salahuddin,

Director – Projects,
Alchemy Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd.

"It was interesting to read with practical insights into managing large software can relate to the situations faced by the project managers."

Zainab Hameed,

"Realistic, Poignant, and Concise.  This is how I would describe this book. It is a distillation of the problems, guidelines, and the day-to-day happenings of the vast majority of projects being developed throughout the world today.  Since software development is not an exact science and probably never will be, the best we can do to attenuate the pain associated with it as much as we can is by adopting some best practices and/or rules of thumb, keeping in mind that (atleast for now) humans are developers as well as the users with their inherent limitations.  This book is a step in this direction."

Azfar Jafri,

CEO, Itim Systems.

"This book discusses by the use of a detailed example, how project management could be carried out. The book can be used as a case study in curriculum where Project Management is taught."
Sayed Yousuf,
Chief Technology Officer,

Progressive Systems (Pvt) Ltd.

“This book is an effort to move the software industry away from fixed priced projects.  It offers alternate project breakdown options which help reduce the overall project risk and also deliver better quality to the customer.”
Erum Khalid,
Director Technology,
Alchemy Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd.

“ ... The story highlight many management issues faced by PMs and is a good read for people coming into these roles for the first time. One of the biggest themes of the book, in my opinion, is breaking the limiting belief that a PM that doesn't code is useless.  A very prevalent problem in our industry, project management is often misunderstood within the ranks of developers, who see it as an addon task for a developer rather than a task in its own right...."

" ... the mere fact that our entrepreneurs and technologists are now beginning to publish their experiences, is a good sign for the industry ..."

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